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Business Valuation; Delicacy Food Supplier

In June 2015, EAC was awarded a Business Valuation contract for a distributor of high quality delicacies, including wild foraged mushrooms, wild game, and exotic produce. Since the mid-1990’s, the company has been committed to supplying the best products with regard to quality, freshness, and flavor combined with superior service through prompt delivery and person attention for the even most unconventional, rare, or sought-after foods. The purpose of this appraisal was to estimate the Fair Market Value of the business and select intangible assets for Step 1 impairment testing, and perform the impairment test, along with a sensitivity analysis, in accordance with Accounting Standard Codification topic 350. The appraisal was conducted and all reports were prepared in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

‣ Industry: Delicacy Food Supplier
‣ Standard of Value: Fair Market Value