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Diverse Experience

The US federal government is the largest consumer of goods and services in North America. Add state and local governments, as well as quasi-governmental agencies to the mix, and you have a large pool of users of all types of services.

We have assisted a number of governmental agencies with their appraisal needs. Our federal government work has included tax cases, real estate appraisals for eminent domain, and savings and loan properties, to name a few.

State and local governments, as well as the quasi-governmental agencies have brought us municipal water systems, transportation and rail systems, as well as real estate and fixtures for state eminent domain proceedings.

The appraisal needs of governmental agencies mirror those of the corporate world, only on a different scale and perhaps a different perspective. Special rules and regulations apply to each agency, as well as specialized procedures unique to each, including responses to Requests for Proposal (RFP).

Our experience with a wide variety of agencies, coupled with the properties appraised and purposes of appraisals, places us in a position to work effectively with the agency both on the proposal and appraisal parts of an assignment.