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42 Years of Experience

We have highlighted a few industries in which we have demonstrated expertise. These are representative industries. Our depth and breadth of experience goes far beyond what is discussed here.

Since 1971, EAC Valuations LLC has provided more than 10,000 appraisals to a diverse clientele”

‣ Local & International
‣ Fortune 50 and small businesses
‣ Service & Retail
‣ Healthcare & Professionals
‣ Government Agencies & Public Companies
‣ Heavy Manufacturing & Specialty Products

Some of our most interesting assignments have been the most difficult to classify. We have determined the value of specified books, films, emerging technology, as well as other unique projects that involve special purpose real estate, shipping, aerospace, aircraft, book copyrights for books not yet published, historic theatres, wind turbines, and antique machinery and equipment, just to name a few.

Our appraisal staff brings the skills to undertake unique assignments and to produce credible results.