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‣ Construction & Construction Services
‣ Commercial Residential
‣ Commercial Office
‣ Manufacturing Properties
‣ Surface Mining
‣ Retail Trade
‣ Restaurants
‣ Healthcare

A Core Competency of EAC

The appraisal of industrial and commercial real estate has been a core competency of EAC Valuations LLC since its inception in 1971. Real estate is one of the appraisal disciplines covered by our specialized staff; the others being machinery & equipment and intangible assets (including business valuations).

Our real estate expertise includes both large and small industrial and commercial properties. Our appraisers are particularly qualified appraising heavy industrial sites, such as:

‣ Chemical & Petrochemical Plants
‣ Pharmaceutical Companies
‣ Steel/Aluminum Mills
‣ Retail & Office Properties
‣ Oil & Gas Production & Oil Refining
‣ Machine Shops & Printing Presses
‣ Mining Operations
‣ Hospital/Medical Facilities
‣ Power Plants
‣ Greenfield/Brownfield Lots
‣ Rubber & Plastic Molders

Extensive Experience

Our real estate appraisers each have up to 35 years of experience and are Certified General Appraisers. There are many and varied uses for a real estate appraisal, as well as standards of value to be reported to meet the purpose of the appraisal. Some of the more common purposes for a real estate appraisal are:

‣ Allocation of Purchase Price (ASC 805, IRC §1060, IRC §338)
‣ Determination of Purchase or Sale Price
‣ Financing
‣ Business/Property Dissolution
‣ Insurance
‣ Property Tax
‣ Corporate Planning

In Accordance with USPAP

Our real estate appraisals are performed in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). USPAP provides guidance on the required elements of an appraisal report, reporting options, and other pertinent information to ensure the best professional appraisal. Our state certified general real estate appraisers also ensure that all appraisals of real estate that pertain to a federally related transaction are in compliance with the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act (FIRREA).