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Since 1971

The appraisal of machinery & equipment (M&E) has been a key component of the services offered by EAC Valuations LLC since 1971. Our M&E appraisals have been used for bank loan, insurable replacement cost, and property tax purposes, or together with the other appraisal disciplines covered by our staff. Most commonly, the M&E appraisals are complemented by real estate or intangible asset appraisals, and also can be a component of a business valuation.

Our M&E appraisers, with Chemical Engineering degrees and more than 50 years combined experience with large, multi-national chemical companies, are particularly skilled at appraising heavy industrial equipment, such as found in chemical plants, oil refineries, pharmaceutical manufacturing, power plants, steel mills, and other large, capital-intensive, manufacturing facilities. Our appraisers have also provided values to small manufacturing companies. Service industries, including retail, restaurants, medical and legal, are also on our extensive client list.

We welcome referrals from accounting firms, law firms, and commercial lenders to assist them with an M&E appraisal that complements their efforts to meet the needs of their client base.

Reporting Standards

There are many and varied uses for a machinery & equipment appraisal, as well as a range of values to be reported to meet the purpose of the appraisal, including Fair Market Value (FMV), Fair Value (ASC and Statutory), Insurable Replacement Cost, Orderly Liquidation Value (OLV), Forced Liquidation Value (FLV) and Cash Value. Some of the more common purposes for a machinery & equipment appraisal include:

‣ Allocation of Purchase Price (ASC 805, IRC §1060, IRC §338)
‣ Determination of Purchase or Sale Price
‣ Financing
‣ Business/Property Dissolution
‣ Insurance
‣ Property Tax
‣ Corporate Planning

All of our appraisals are performed in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). USPAP provides guidance on the required elements of an appraisal report, reporting options, and other pertinent information to ensure the best professional appraisal.