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A Multi-Service Valuation Firm

EAC Valuations LLC has provided in-depth, trusted appraisals and valuation reports since 1971. Our assignments have taken us around the world and next-door. We have completed more than 14,000 appraisals for clients ranging from multi-national, multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 companies and financial institutions, to privately-held, local manufacturing and services companies. Our highly qualified, certified and experienced appraisers can exceed expectations for a wide range of appraisal needs meeting IRS, FASB, IFRS, USPAP, and FIREAA requirements.

EAC Valuations LLC is an affiliate firm member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). EAC Valuations LLC also believes in working together with like-minded partners & organizations to promote economic growth in the region and around the world. We partner with only the industry’s best valuation services providers, experts in real-estate, machinery & equipment, business valuation, and intangible assets.

Industry Segments:

‣ Wood Products
‣ Pulp, Paper & Board
‣ Petroleum Refining
‣ Chemical & Allied Products
‣ Plastics
‣ Advanced Materials
‣ Coatings & Adhesives
‣ Detergents & Surfactants
‣ Rubber & Rubber Products
‣ Crude Petroleum
‣ Natural Gas
‣ Ferrous Metals
‣ Nonferrous Metals
‣ Foods & Beverages
‣ Textiles
‣ Agricultural Chemicals
‣ Environmental
‣ Electric Equipment
‣ Cans & Containers
‣ Machine Tools
‣ Metalworking Equipment
‣ Industrial Machinery
‣ Power Equipment
‣ Computer & Software
‣ Office Equipment
‣ Utilities
‣ Telephone Equipment
‣ Radio/TV Equipment
‣ Motor Vehicles
‣ Aerospace
‣ Shipbuilding & Repair
‣ Railroad Equipment
‣ Freight Cars
‣ Industrial Instruments
‣ Medical/Dental
‣ Photograph Equipment
‣ Apparel
‣ Leather Products
‣ Household Durables
‣ Personal Durables
‣ Telecommunications
‣ Wholesale Trade
‣ Holding Companies
‣ Printing & Publishing
‣ Banking
‣ Selected Services Ind.
‣ Automotive Repair
‣ Transportation Services
‣ Financial Services
‣ Warehousing
‣ Law Offices
‣ Broadcasting
‣ Accounting Firms
‣ Entertainment
‣ Construction Service
‣ Office Products
‣ Commercial Products
‣ Retail Trade
‣ Recreation
‣ Construction Materials
‣ Industrial Properties
‣ Restaurants
‣ Undeveloped Land
‣ Residential Properties
‣ Strip Malls
‣ Defense & Munitions
‣ Government Agencies
‣ Pharma
‣ Dental Instruments
‣ Medical Devices
‣ Medical Instruments
‣ Medical Supplies
‣ Hospitals
‣ Doctors Office/Practice
‣ Space Commercialization
‣ Marine Craft
‣ Tobacco
‣ Mining
‣ Poultry
‣ Wind Turbines

Appraisal Disciplines:

Machinery & Equipment ( 45% )
Real Estate ( 39% )
Intangible Asset/Business Valuation ( 17% )

Valuation Purpose:

Financial Reporting ( 43% )
Insurance ( 17% )
Banking ( 13% )
Tax ( 10% )
Other ( 18% )

Management Team:

Frank Merenda

Frank Merenda | CVA, ASA, BCA, CMEA, MBA, MSChE
President & CEO

Frank Merenda serves as President and CEO of EAC Valuations LLC. He has provided a wide variety of valuations, including Fair Value (both ASC and IFRS) appraisals for Intangible Assets and Purchase Price Allocations, and Fair Market Value appraisals for Property Tax, Insurance, Corporate Planning, and Gift/Estate appraisals.

Frank’s specialization in the chemical arena provided him with a variety of opportunities prior to joining EAC. He served as a Business Intermediary, as a Director of Business Development for multiple international chemical firms, and as a Technical Business Specialist in the chemical, petroleum, polymer and environmental controls industries.

Frank is a graduate of Rutgers University in New Jersey, completing his undergraduate work in Business Administration and Chemical Engineering, as well as his Masters of Chemical Engineering, and Masters of Business Administration all from the same university. He is certified by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) for machinery & equipment appraisals, the National Equipment and Business Brokers (NEBB) Institute as a CMEA, CSBA and SIA for machinery and equipment appraisals, the National Association of Credited Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) as an Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) for business and intangible asset appraisals, and a member of the education committee for the International Society of Business Appraisers (ISBA).

Thomas Gudowicz

Thomas Gudowicz | MBA
VP of Sales & Marketing

Tom has served as Vice President of EAC Valuations LLC since 2008. He has broad experiences in the industrial, household/personal care, chemical, plastics, financial, metal stamping, and E-commerce supply chain marketplace. He specializes in both person-to-person (P2P) and business-to-business (B2B) sales and continuously works to market EAC Valuations services to enhance our brand and expertise with both legacy and new clients.

Tom is a Retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army. He completed his degrees at Villanova University with a degree in Business Administration and a Masters of Business Administration from Drexel University. He also obtained an Executive Industrial Marketing Certificate from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University.

Henry Yeo

Henry Hyeon Yeo | Ph.D.
Senior Advisor, Managing Director EAC Asia

Dr. Yeo is responsible for leading our efforts for EAC Valuations Asia, LLC. After receiving his PhD. in Political Economics, Dr. Yeo served as a faculty member at the Seoul School of Integrated Sciences and Technologies, and has taught and conducted research at a number of American universities, including Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, and Colorado State University. Over his career, Dr. Yeo has given lectures and presentations on Business Ethics, Leadership Trends, Business Practices in Asia, and a number of other related topics to companies and institutions in the United States, Europe, and Asia and has served as a senior advisor for the World Economic Forum, also known as Davos Forum, an international, non-profit organization, based in Switzerland.

Professional Staff:


Lee Diestelow
Lee Diestelow | MCMEA, MBA
Senior Machinery & Equipment Appraiser

Lee has served as a senior machinery & equipment appraiser for EAC Valuations since 2011. He has authored appraisal reports throughout the United States with a heavy valuation focus on chemical industry and manufacturing assets.

Lee is a graduate of Drexel University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. He also completed coursework at Louisiana State University. His professional experience includes over 30 years of service in the chemical industry where assignments included working in the specialty chemicals, refining, petro chemicals, natural gas production, and distribution sectors.

Brian McIntyre

Brian McIntyre | CVA
Business Valuation Analyst

Brian has served as a business valuation analyst for EAC Valuations since 2012. He has authored over 100 appraisal reports for businesses in various industries for various purposes, with a heavy valuation focus on appraisals for estate and gift tax.

Brian is a graduate of Immaculata University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Marketing Management. He has also completed additional coursework in the field of accounting. Brian is a member of NACVA (National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts) and an accredited CVA.

Allyson O'Malley

Allyson O’Malley
Analyst, Licensed Appraiser Trainee

Allyson joined EAC Valuations full-time in September 2013. Prior to accepting a full-time position, she often assisted EAC in a freelance capacity in the area of marketing. She is currently completing the required training and classes to be a Pennsylvania Certified General Appraiser.

Allyson has an Associate’s Degree from South Hills School of Business and Technology in Legal Administration and worked for 3 years with law firms in Pennsylvania providing Corporate Law, Estate Planning, and Real Estate services. In May, 2013, she graduated from Pennsylvania College of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Technology Management.

Deborah Aberts
Deborah Aberts
Project Coordinator

Deborah has served as project coordinator for EAC Valuations since 1985. Deborah coordinates and reviews reports under all of our appraisal disciplines. Her due diligence and attention to detail ensures consistent quality reports for our clients.