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Equipment; Litigation

EAC recently completed an assignment to value the assets of a biodiesel plant which has been shut down for the last three years. The site has been the subject of litigation and several judgments. EAC reported orderly liquidation salvage values which are being used to help settle the judgments.

‣ Industry: Biodiesel
‣ Standard of Value: Orderly Liquid Salvage Value

Purpose of Valuation

EAC’s analysis will be used to help determine the most profitable disposition of the assets for the party who was awarded the judgments against the previous plant operator. The options include:

  1. Selling the plant intact to a party wishing to resume production at the site
  2. Sell the assets at auction (forced liquidation); or
  3. Have a scrap metal/salvage company tear down the equipment and sell it for its’ residual scrap metal value (salvage)