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Financial reporting encompasses a large part of a company’s need for professional appraisal services. Usually, one thinks of business combinations (mergers and acquisitions) when financial reporting is mentioned. Purchase Price Allocations resulting from a merger or acquisition are guided by Accounting Standards Codification Topic 805, Business Combinations (ASC 805 replaced FASB 141(R), also titled Business Combinations).

However, other needs, such as goodwill impairment, ASC 350, Goodwill and other Intangibles (formerly FASB 142); disposal of long lived assets, ASC 360, Property, Plant & Equipment (formerly FASB 144) can arise.

Our professionals have been providing valuations for financial reporting since 2001. They have kept up-to-date with the FASB pronouncements, including the 2009 transition to the Accounting Codification. With a Purchase Price Allocation or any other financial reporting need, we have the expertise to appraise real estate, machinery & equipment, and intangible assets, as well as the capability for business valuations.

EAC Valuations also provides Purchase Price Allocation valuations for companies reporting through the International Accounting Standards Board and IFRS 3R. We have met the needs of several multi-national companies requiring IFRS compliant valuations for facilities in North America and around the world.