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Wide Range of Experience

Our pharmaceutical business experience encompasses working with over 44 companies in 32 states and 8 foreign countries. From generic, prescription, and OTC drugs to medical devices and cosmetics, we have learned, appraised, and grown over the entire constantly changing pharmaceutical landscape. Over the years, we have worked with everything from start-ups to multi-national global firms and have journeyed with them through mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs.

We have provided valuations for healthcare facilities and providers throughout the United States including physicians’ practices, hospitals, and the medical supplies and equipment used by hospitals and physicians.

Purchase Price Allocation

Our clients have selected EAC Valuations to support their Purchase Price Allocation (ASC 805, IFRS 3R, IRC §1060/338), value their Real Estate and Machinery & Equipment for tax purposes, establish values for Property and Casualty Insurance Placement (IRCN), and Corporate Planning for stock valuations or Merger & Acquisition activity. Our experienced on-staff appraisers have trained as and worked as Chemical Engineers which brings a unique technical understanding to this industry of molecules, processes, and research technology.