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‣ Electric Lighting & Wiring Equipment
‣ Computer & Office Equipment & Software
‣ Photographic Equipment & Supplies
‣ Cans & Containers
‣ Telephone & Telegraph Equipment
‣ Apparel
‣ Machine Tools & Accessories
‣ Radio/TV Communication Equipment
‣ Leather & Leather Products
‣ Metalworking Equipment
‣ Motor Vehicles
‣ Household Consumer Durables
‣ Industrial Machinery
‣ Aerospace
‣ Personal Consumer Durables
‣ Medical & Dental Instruments & Supplies
‣ Shipbuilding & Repair
‣ Telecommunications Services
‣ General Components
‣ Electrical Equipment
‣ Wholesale Trade
‣ Power Equipment
‣ Industrial & Scientific Instruments
‣ Steel and Specialty Metals

Global Experience

Demand for machine manufactured goods is sensitive to economic swings, and the continued utilization of advanced technologies will help ensure that the industry remains competitive and at the forefront of global enterprises. With a broad range of uses for its goods, special manufacturing impacts markets in a variety of industries. The industry is highly fragmented — made up of hundreds of niches, each defined by the specialty products it produces.

EAC Valuations LLC has expertise and experience over the years and through the cycles to become one of the premier appraisers across multiple industries. As our Mission Statement states, we have gained our expertise operating next door and around the world. The list of industries and markets shown above demonstrate the depth and breadth of our certified, trained and degreed engineer appraisers.

Additionally, our data base of equipment, knowledge of process technologies (to support our intangible valuations of patents, know–how and in-process R&D), and models for determining value have been perfected over the years. As the manufacturing industry grew and progressed, we have observed the transition from hand-to-machine to computer driven processes and techniques.