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Liberty Valuation Group Now Affiliated With EAC

Jordan J. Yuter, MAI, ASA, Managing Director at Liberty Valuation Group, brings with him a highly regarded and respected reputation to match his stellar career. As an appraiser for more than 22 years, Mr. Yuter has worked with Marshall & Stevens Inc., Arthur Anderson, and Liberty Valuation Group.

Mr. Yuter specializes in real estate valuation, consulting, and real estate related studies. His experience includes consulting, review, and project management for lenders, insurance companies, multinational corporations, business owners, and their professional advisors.

Mr. Yuter holds an MAI designation, as a Member of the Appraisal Institute, and an ASA designation, as an Accredited Senior Appraiser, with the American Society of Appraisers. He is a Certified General Appraiser licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland.

Mr. Yuter has appraised real estate in nearly every state in the United States and has worked internationally in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. He has prepared appraisals for land and improved properties in industrial, governmental, residential, institutional, recreational, and educational uses. In a consulting capacity, he has also performed studies of highest and best use, feasibility analysis, and fairness opinions. Additionally, Mr. Yuter has experience in Ad Valorem tax valuation and consultation and structured financing. Purposes of the appraisals have been for sale/purchase, purchase price allocation, financial reporting, tax reporting, bankruptcy, corporate planning, financing, and leasing.

Mr. Yuter holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from George Washington University with a major in finance. He has taken and passed the Appraisal Institute’s courses in Real Estate Appraisal Principles, Basic Valuation Procedures, Standards A, B, and C, Capitalization Theory A and B, Market Analysis and Highest & Best Use, Report Writing and Analysis, Advanced Sales Comparison and Cost Approaches, and Advanced Applications.

EAC Valuations is excited to have Liberty Valuation Group and Jordan with his skills and experience. He can be reached at   Please join us in welcoming Liberty Valuation Group and Jordan to EAC.